Voice Of Blood : Searching for Selden- Ένα ντοκιμαντέρ που πρέπει να δείτε όλοι

Το να κάνεις λάθος είναι ανθρώπινο. Το να το παραδέχεσαι είναι υπεράνθρωπο.
Doug Larson

Δείτε εδώ το ντοκιμαντέρ του Αντώνη Αγκαστινιώτη. Είναι η πραγματική ιστορία των Τ/Κ, αυτή που δεν μας λένε στα σχολεία. Ας σταματήσουμε την προπαγάνδα και ας μάθουμε την πραγματική αλήθεια των γεγονότων στην Κύπρο. Την αλήθεια και των δύο πλευρών. Μόνο τότε θα μπορέσουμε να έχουμε μια βιώσιμη και λειτουργική λύση όπως την ονειρευόμαστε.

Voice of Blood

Antonis Tony Angastiniotis more than a director is a peacemaker that had the courage to expose crimes committed by his own community (Greek) against the Turkish Cypriot community during the 1974 war in Cyprus. Tony was attacked by the Greek Cypriot media and death threats are part of his daily diet, nevertheless he has become a strong voice of peace and reconciliation within his community. In one of his interviews when asked about the attack by the nationalists media he said, “All this trash they throw against me will one day become a platform for me to speak to the country, the more trash the bigger the platform”. The documentary reveals the mass execution of civilians, mainly woman and children, by Greek nationals during the second intervention of the Turkish army. After 30 years of silence eyewitness of the event talk to the camera and reveal how they survived. If for no other reason this documentary is very important for those interested in the Cyprus history. It reveals the atmosphere of hatred that existed in the island those days. Visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antonis_Angastiniotis

Υ.Γ Ξέρει κανείς που μπορώ να βρώ το έργο του Πανίκου Χρυσάνθους "Ο Ακάμας"

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